In today‚Äôs online world everything comes to your doorstep with the click of your mouse or touch of your mobile. All this has become possible in the electronic media with one of the key factors, Marketing. And Email marketing is the most preferred form today because it is simple, cost effective, and easily manageable and […]

Marketing is always seen as an intelligent and manipulative business which involves lot of money, time, beauty at times and wit. That could be one of the reasons, why most of us are afraid of marketing even though we are good creators. But the truth is to grab the attention and selling we need effective […]

We have always associated a campaign with holding posters, forming a like minded crowd and articulating our vision to all those present without knowing whether they enjoy it or not. To get the applause we deserve, marketing the product should be equal to the effort we took to create it. The enthusiasm should keep on […]